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Tickets are not yet on sale for Outdoor Comedy Events when we are covid to go, we will release tickets. We are looking for a number of sponsors to be part of the event and see what we can offer you, please have a look at our sponsorship packages.

Ticket types

We will be having three ticket types, access is not restricted to any area and you are able to purchase food from the street food trucks and drinks from the external bar

Price Band 1 -  General admission bring your own chairs or blankets (buy from We Got Tickets here)

Price Band 2 - Picnic bench seating provided (buy from We Got Tickets here)

Price Band 3 - Covered picnic bench seating, just incase (buy from We Got Tickets here)

Tickets will be sold in bubbles of 6 people, with people from different households, however we will change this as required. All seating will have an unobstructed view of the large stage.

Please look at terms and conditions and privacy here

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