Red Dot Bar
Friday 15 Nov | 7:30 pm | £12.50 per guest

Milton Keynes - Red Dot Bar - Mark Simmons Friday, 15 November 2019

  • Mark Simmons |

    Mark Simmons

    Mark is a newbie to The Comedy Cow and we are excited to have this breath of fresh air with us!

    Mark is an exceptional one-liner comedian. It won him a place in Dave’s prestigious Best Joke of The Fringe in Edinburgh 2017. His solo show at the festival, One-Linerer was also a huge hit, with sell out shows every day and was nominated Best Show by the Amused Moose Comedy Award Fringe Show 2017. He then continued this success with his follow-up show, One-Linererer, which was also a sell out! 

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  • President Obonjo |

    President Obonjo

    We love the president!!!

    President Obonjo, has been holding sway in the comedy world outside Nigeria, particularly in his country of birth where he currently resides (England). Through his sheer tenacity of purpose in what he knows how to do best, he has undoubtedly taken comedy to another phase through the use of animations, audio/audio-visual displays and other creative graphics all for the entertainment of his teeming fans especially those on Facebook.

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  • Hayley Ellis |

    Hayley Ellis

    Hayley has been performing with The Comedy Cow since our doors opened 7 years ago, it has been great to see both us and her grow together.

    Hayley is a Comedian, Actress and Human being. She has appeared in loads of dead prestigious joke lists.Hayley is a former regular sight gag contributor for the Russell Howard's Good News television programme. (Avalon Television) and has appeared on MTV’s “Why aye love Ge

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  • Kevin O Connell |

    Kevin O Connell

    Kevin is a newby to The Comedy Cow and we can not wait to have him along.

    Kevin is a small Irish man in shiny boots who tells jokes. Since moving to London in 2016 he has been making waves with his high energy performances and whimsical material. He has been a finalist in the Bath Comedy Festival New Act of the Year 2017 and the prestigious NATYs (New Act of the Year) 2018.

    ​Kevin is an alumni of the Soho Youth Company and regularly gigs across the UK and Ireland. He regularly plays at venues such as the Comedy Store, Angel Comedy, The Poodle Club and The Stand.

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