Red Dot Bar
Friday 19 Apr | 7:30 pm | £12.50 per guest

The Comedy Cow with Paul Tonkinson Friday, 19 April 2019

  • Paul Tonkinson |

    Paul Tonkinson

    We are excited to welcome Paul for the first time to The Comedy Cow.

    As a self-confessed professional northerner - and far worse, a celebrity Manchester United fan, Paul Tonkinson is a star of comedy in all its forms. Be it on stage, in character or as a TB host, this man does not fail to make you giggle.

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  • Tom Glover |

    Tom Glover

    Tom last perfomerd for The Comedy Cow a number of years ago when we gigged out of what was Wonderowlrd MK. 

    Tom come on to the UK comedy circuit in 2010, since then Tom has avoided the bright lights of TV panel shows in favour of the best and worst (in fact, any) clubs, tents, pubs, theatres and fields that Britain has to offer.

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  • Steve Bugeja |

    Steve Bugeja

    Steve has gigged for us number of times. We are pleased to get her back to The Comedy Cow.
    Steve recently finished touring his 2017 Edinburgh show Summer Camp which included a month at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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